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Call Calendar

Calling new leads is a burden, and one we’d be happy to ditch if it didn’t generate new revenue. Before you can ever pick up a phone, you have to choose leads to cold call and nurture, create and share lists, then when the day is done, check in to see which leads were missed and need to go on the list tomorrow. Then there’s the hours of calling. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to quickly create, edit, share, and check in on the status of call lists, and quickly go from one call to another without having to find your place, saving you time and making you more money? Well, you can with Call Calendar for Salesforce!

Creating and maintaining batches of sales prospects for you and your team to call on a daily basis can be a bit of a chore. But with Call Calendar, you and/or your team can schedule calls for Leads or Contacts in bulk with a few simple clicks.

Call Calendar only works if you’re in the US (or at least have your org set up for the English-USA locale), but it’s free and easy to use. Check it out!