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Milestones PM+

If you’re a Salesforce administrator or developer, you probably have a pretty full plate trying to keep up with requirements for your team. There’s a lot to do, and it can be hard to keep track of all the moving pieces. It’s even more complicated if you have larger projects with multiple resources and a budget to keep in mind. You’ve probably thought about investing in one of the powerful project management tools out there, but that can get costly. Well, you’re already investing in Salesforce, so you might as well leverage it for your project management needs with the free Milestones PM+!

Tracks Programs, Projects, Milestones, Tasks, and Project Calendar. Also Tracks Time & Expenses & other logged items. Key Benefits [include]: Free & Customizable Salesforce Project Management, Solution, Create Projects From Templates, Easily Upgraded, Extensible Via Our Add-Ons, Fantastic Support.

Milestones PM+ is a fantastic, free tool, and I recommend you check it out! And if you need something more customizable, consider checking out the Unmanaged Milestones PM by Salesforce Labs as well!