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You’ve been working hard to develop the next new cool tool for your Salesforce team. It’s built, tested, approved, and ready to deploy. Now you’ve got to put everything you built into a change set in your sandbox so that you can deploy it to production. I’m so, so sorry… It’s time to grab a full carafe of coffee, put on a LONG playlist, and get settled into your desk chair for a full day of work. You’re going to be clicking through dozens of pages, piecing through each and every component, slowly building up your change set. Or you could check out the Multiple Change Set Component Selector for Salesforce and save loads of time!

You can either take the time out and mindlessly select each and every component to add to the Change Set or you can just download this AWESOME extension to get the work done faster.

This new Chrome extension we spotted is a great tool for developers and admins everywhere. Check it out and let us know what you think!