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If you haven’t heard, Salesforce will be releasing an update to bring maps into native functionality this spring. This is undoubtedly awesome, but if you need to take your Salesforce maps to the next level, you’re probably looking at a long development cycle. Wouldn’t it be great to see what Accounts are close to your current location? Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could easily visualize and manage territories? Wouldn’t you love it if Salesforce could help you design an optimized route when you’re planning onsite meetings? If you need the best of the best in Salesforce mapping tech today, check out Geopointe!

Location-enable Salesforce by starting a free trial today. Geopointe provides proximity searching, optimized routing, territory management, boundary layers, demographics, check in via Salesforce1 and a lot more.

With nearly endless possibilities, you should sign up for your free trial and start mapping everything today with Geopointe!