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Data is the way of the future. This is undeniable. But data entry takes a lot of time, and if you’ve invested in an expert sales team, you cringe at the thought of them wasting all their time entering data into your CRM when they should be doing what they do best – selling. You could hire a secretary for each sales rep and a flock of data entry interns, but that costs money, takes space, and can be unrealistic and inefficient. Or you could employ a powerful, Siri-like digital personal assistant for your team. Think I’m crazy? Check out Rollio!

Rollio is a New Intelligent Salesforce Assistant. Rollio allows you to completely update Salesforce in seconds via text message or voice note. Rollio uses Artificial Intelligence to analyze what you say and automate Salesforce updating. … We’ve built Rollio with advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) abilities, so you can just speak and now Salesforce listens.

Rollio is a new app, so I can’t offer you any reviews, but it looks really cool and I’d definitely recommend checking it out today!