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Salesforce IFTTT

You may have read our post a while back about the Salesforce Chatter Channel for IFTTT (“if this then that), a free IoT (that’s “Internet of Things”) integration tool that lets you automatically trigger actions across internet-connected services and devices based on events – in example, I love that whenever I update my Facebook profile picture, Twitter is updated automatically too! Well, back in April 2014, the Salesforce Channel was pretty limited. All you could do was create triggers to post to Chatter. Well, it’s a whole lot more powerful than that now!

With the Salesforce IFTTT channel you can easily create integrations between Salesforce and your favorite apps. Turn on a Hue light when an opportunity is won. Post on Chatter when someone tweets a specific hashtag.

Check out the AppExchange listing for Salesforce IFTTT, or dive right in and check out some of the awesome Salesforce recipes like posting escalated Cases to Slack or tracking your FitBit data in Salesforce today!