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App of the Week – Salesforce1, a game changer!

Over the years, Salesforce has offered a number of apps to keep your team connected even while they’re on the go. Salesforce Classic let you connect to your data, and the Chatter app put collaboration in the palm of your hand, but there was no one-stop solution to bring you the full power of Salesforce.

Well, Salesforce1 has landed in the app store, and it’s ready to take your mobile experience to the next level. Watch the video (below), download the app, and get ready for the latest in Salesforce technology!

Along with the release of Salesforce1, Salesforce has released two new apps designed specifically for admins, SalesforceA and Salesforce#.

For the first time, Salesforce is releasing two mobile apps that enable administrators to manage their own instance from anywhere. These apps will provide real-time updates and allow admins to remotely reset user passwords if needed. It will also manage who has access to the Salesforce CRM and can review the maintenance and upgrade schedules at any time.

Read more here, click here to download Salesforce1 and here to download SalesforceA from the iTunes app store, and see all the power Salesforce is bringing your way this season!

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