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In my office, we know that sometimes the biggest wins come from tiny changes that shave seconds off of that thing you do a thousand times. We’ve found all sorts of solutions for logging calls, creating new records, updating data, and more that can save these precious seconds. But if you have to go through 100 records in a day, quickly review, update, and move on to the next, a lot of those seconds are being wasted clicking the Back button, waiting for your page to load, finding the next record, waiting for it to load, rinse, repeat. Don’t you wish you could go through your Salesforce records like you go through your emails, just clicking Next whenever you’ve finished with one? No worries, List Browse has your back!

Now, you can simply go to the list you want, select the records you want to browse (in the order you want to browse them) and then click the new “Browse” button. Voila! You are taken to the first record and given a simple navigation bar to scroll through all the records you selected. You can edit the records, add data in related records, and do everything else you would typically do on a record. When done, simply press the “Forward” button and it takes you to the next record on your list. Brilliant.

Check out List Browse today and enjoy a new, faster Salesforce experience!