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Chatter Unfollow Rules - Managed

While Salesforce Chatter is built with the social media savvy in mind, there are some limitations in place to ensure everything runs smoothly. While there are limits to the numbers of friends you can have on Facebook (a professional rapper friend of mine actually maxed his out), you’re going to have to go far beyond the thousands before you ever get there. On Chatter, however, you can only follow 500 feeds (people, records, etc.). When you hit that max, it is a tedious and time-consuming job to find those items which are no longer relevant and unfollow each one at a time. Don’t you wish you could just set up some rules that would automatically unfollow Cases a few days after they close, take opportunities off your list once they’ve been won, and keep your list wide open for the next wave of important updates? Well, there’s an app for that! Chatter Unfollow Rules – Managed by Salesforce Labs has you covered!

Avoid the 500 following limit!

Set up automated rules that determine when users should stop following records. Each night, Rules remove everyone following the records that meet your criteria.

Check out Chatter Unfollow Rules – Managed today and start saving time and improving your Salesforce Chatter experience!