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A small change in this week’s posting, instead of the usual write up on a single app, we are giving you the goods on two small but powerful Salesforce plugins, built by the same developer, WalkMe.

Super Search

Super Search is a powerful search-bar plugin for Salesforce. You can view instant results for any field within your Salesforce records, directly from the search-bar. A quick and easy install yields huge benefits and can supercharge your work-flow. The search bar can sort through just about anything you can think of, standard objects, custom objects, fields, reports and more!

Take a look here.

Super Edit

Super Edit is a productivity boosting, time saving plugin that gives users the ability to edit reports inline. That’s right, virtually any field or any record of any report will be made instantly editable for you and your team. This plugin for Salesforce has been hugely popular, and is highly rated.

Take a look here.


-Ryan and the Salesforce Guys