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Building relationships is a critical part of growing your business, and you’re not alone in the market. Your competitors are always trying to get a leg up in the relationship department. Cards, flowers, and gifts abound, and they all take valuable time to get to the people that matter. Well, everyone loves coffee (or tea, if you’re like me), and everyone loves free! Sending free coffee to prospective and current clients and/or partners is a great way to stand out from the competition and give you a leg up in the market. Well, did you know you can do just that with the click of a button without ever leaving Salesforce?

CoffeeSender is a fully integrated rewards, incentives, and perks platform for enterprises. Companies use CoffeeSender daily to send customers, prospects, partners, and employees coffee. The recipient instantly receives an email with a custom message and a $5 Starbucks ® eGift Card.

Start growing your business by sending coffee to your clients, partners, and more with this awesome app today!