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Field History in Salesforce is your window into the past. When you track field history, you’re able to look back across field changes to see how a record has grown and changed over time. If someone made a mistake, you can easily identify that and fix it. If you want to know who made the key update that turned a deal around, you can find out. But the standard Field History feature in Salesforce has its limitations – you can only track a limited number of fields per object and the data only sticks around for a limited time. Don’t you wish you could track field history without the limitations? Well, you can with Ultra FieldHistory Tracker!

Ultra FieldHistory provides an advanced field history tracking in Salesforce.com beyond the standard Salesforce.com limits. Your record history is stored using your organization’s file storage space which is generally under-utilized compared to Data Storage utilization. Using attachments to store history details which will allow you to save the data storage. It provides the ability to filter, report and Export the historical data.

This fantastic app is free, so give it a try today!