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Image by Joelle Diane

If you’ve read our Tip of the Week already, you know that this is our 99th post, and we’re looking back over the posts that came before. The last 98 apps have been a collection of old favorites and new gems, apps from the AppExchange, apps for Chrome, iPhones and Androids, apps to help you do your job better, faster, more efficiently. This week’s tip highlights my personal favorites, and in this post, I’ll be sharing yours. Below are the top 10 most visited Apps of the Week. If you haven’t already, I strongly recommend you check them out!

10. Rollup to success with Rollup Helper in Salesforce

Use Rollup Helper to create data roll-ups that will provide insights you could never have before. With Rollup Helper, you can turn your data into information even for your most complex rollup scenarios. All data stays safe and secure in your org.

Note: This app is really helpful when you’re trying to roll up data from related objects which are not Master-Detail.

9. Clicks not code to schedule Apex jobs in Salesforce with JobBook

JobBook provides a single interface from which you can manage your scheduled Apex jobs in Salesforce.com. Using JobBook you can easily schedule, modify and view scheduled Apex jobs from a single interface. JobBook allows you to schedule Apex jobs, then activate and deactivate Apex jobs with a single click.

8. Calculate rate of return in Salesforce with the XIRR Calculator

If you’re a lender or broker, you know how hard it can be to find your return on investment. That’s why we created the XIRR Calculator. Enter the funding and repayment amounts, terms, fees, and commissions, click calculate, and you have your answer. Easy.

7. Shortcut Ninja saves you time with keyboard shortcuts in Salesforce

Shortcut Ninja adds keyboard hotkeys to the sidebar to increase productivity by boosting the speed of navigating through your apps. Toggle features such as Chatter on and off, or quickly create new tasks and events.

6. Measure engagement with Salesforce Chatter Usage Dashboards

The Chatter Adoption Dashboard includes 20 dashboard components and reports for a broad view into your org’s usage of Chatter. Extend it with your own new reports by using the 7 included Chatter custom report types!

5. Salesforce1, a game changer!

For the first time, Salesforce is releasing two mobile apps that enable administrators to manage their own instance from anywhere. These apps will provide real-time updates and allow admins to remotely reset user passwords if needed. It will also manage who has access to the Salesforce CRM and can review the maintenance and upgrade schedules at any time.

Note: Even though Salesforce1 has been out for a while, it is still a game-changer. The user interface has been so impactful for Salesforce customers that it has served as the basis for the new Lightning Experience!

4. Get hundreds of images for Salesforce with the Graphics Pack

‘Graphics Pack’ contains hundreds of images / icons that can be used in salesforce applications for tabs, image formulas, and Visualforce pages.

3. Account Dashboards give a 360 degree view of Accounts in Salesforce

This free app adds dashboards to your Account record pages. See year over year sales, identify buying trends, and get visibility in to what products customers have bought in the past, to quickly and visually identify areas for growth in key accounts.

2. Automate your process with Action Plans in Salesforce

Action Plans encapsulates best practices into reusable task templates. An Action Plan can be created for an Account, Opportunity, Contact, Lead, Campaign, Case or Contract. Template tasks can be pre-assigned to a specific individual, assigned to the running user or assigned to a running user.

1. Trello-ify Salesforce with the Opportunity Planning Wall

Got lost in you sales pipeline? Do you need a more visual and interactive tool for sales planning? The Opportunity Planning Wall displays sales opportunities as cards on a virtual wall and lets you filter, group & modify on one simple screen. It’s free.

Note: This feature will now be natively available in the Salesforce Lightning Experience