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Whether you’re working with sensitive client data, observe strict non-disclosure policies, are developing a powerful app your competitors are licking their chops to get ahold of, or simply want to have a better understanding of what your team does while logged into Salesforce, the tools available for user tracking and audit logs in Salesforce are limited. You could write some clever code to track page views and file downloads, but that’s going to take a lot of time to implement. Instead, why not check out ezCloudAudit!

As an ideal tool for managers, this user-friendly Salesforce add-in quickly establishes a complete chain of custody by creating a detailed audit trail for all proprietary data. From one dashboard, you can monitor Force.com page views, record and contact views, and time totals for each licensed user on your Salesforce team.

Check out ezCloudAudit on the AppExchange and start building a powerful audit trail in Salesforce today!