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Knowing how your customers feel about your services and products has always been critical, and in today’s social media driven world, it’s more crucial than ever that issues are identified and addressed before you have a public relations nightmare on your hands. There are great tools out there, like Survey Monkey and Zoomerang, but if you just need a simple, free tool for Salesforce, you should be looking at Survey Force by Salesforce Labs!

Survey Force is a Free Salesforce Labs application that allows you to capture feedback in salesforce.com. Survey Force allows you to create 3 types of questions (single select, multi select and free form text) and order your questions via drag and drop. Surveys are deployed via email templates and Sites. Survey results are related to the Contact and/or Case. Reports and Dashboards can be leveraged to analyze survey results.

This app has been around for quite a while, so be sure to check out the reviews to see if it’s going to meet your needs. If nothing else, give it an install and take it for a test drive. There’s nothing to lose and customer satisfaction to gain!