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When you have Salesforce, you have a huge array of tools at your disposal on the AppExchange. One of the downsides here is that you can easily end up with a ton of separate tools and features, that don’t necessarily talk to each other and potentially leave you with gaps in your knowledge. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a number of these different tools connected through the same app? Apsona for Salesforce is a suite of powerful tools for Salesforce, that enhance productivity and gives you better access to your data. Tools include reports, dashboards, data tools and document generation. All from one connected suite, meaning you only have an easier and more streamlined way to power up your data.


Apsona provides multi-object reporting, cross-object searches, grid editing, import/update/export via CSV, calendar views, mass update/delete and more. Add-ons for document generation (Excel, Word, PDF), mail merge and charting (dashboards, charts, pivot tables)

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