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About Us
The CloudMyBiz team is here to help you empower your business through the Cloud to encourage even more collaboration between departments, clients, customers and partners as well as streamlining your processes.
We specialize in Salesforce Implementation, Migration, Integration and Development, in addition to working with Third Party Applications and Custom App Development.
Our team of experts have a plethora of experience in a wide-ranging scope of industries.  We will help you reduce your ownership of technology costs and are here to plan, create, deploy and guide you through the Cloud to ensure you get the most from your investment with optimal ongoing results.
If a voice in your head is telling you that a 5 minute process could be closer to 5 seconds, and your mind is starting to unravel in working out how, then it sounds like it might be time for you to Cloud Your Biz!
We’ll take the doodles your unraveling mind drew on the back of a napkin on a dark and stormy night, and make them into a breezy reality.
CloudMyBiz is your partner and we don’t believe in a failed project.

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