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default field

Most Salesforce users know that the default values of individual fields can be modified. Like most objects in Salesforce, you can customize just about any field to display just about any value as a default. However, did you also know that you can set up fields to have different default values for different users? As of Summer 2017, all versions of Salesforce (Classic and Lightning) have supported creating field-level default values as either constants or formulas.

‘Sure, that sounds great, but how does it really help me’ you say? One idea is that you could set up different groups of users to have a customized “Language Preference” field, based on which group they are in. Alternatively, you can set up an “Urgent” field to be checked, whenever an account is created by a specific user group. The options don’t stop there. Give it a shot and with a little creativity, you should be able to modify the default values for some great perks!

How To Define Default Field Values