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This past week, New York hosted the single largest gathering of Merchant Cash Advance and business loan brokers. The deBanked Broker Fair, was held on May 6th with the idea of capturing the spirit of the industry in the very city that makes it hum. CloudMyBiz, as a Salesforce Partner specializing in solutions for MCA and Alternative Lending, made sure to attend.

It was a great day of networking, connecting with past and future clients, and of course, learning about the future of the industry. In addition, we were selected to not just attend, but to participate. Henry Abenaim, Founder and CEO of CloudMyBiz, was selected to demo and discuss our disruptive loan management solutions and systems to a packed crowd of brokers and lenders.

This exclusive one-day event was a great connection point for all the brokers, lenders, funders and service providers in attendance. The conference promised education, inspiration and opportunities to connect and grow businesses, and more than delivered!