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FUNDINGO is on the Salesforce AppExchange!

Loan management software that allows alternative lending companies to streamline the entire process of originating, underwriting and servicing loans.

For some lenders, the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic means a spike in applications for business loans. That’s putting a strain on loan management systems, making it difficult to respond quickly. AppExchange partners like FUNDINGO allow employees to remotely access and manage all of the required documentation to complete funding in a timely, organized, and accurate manner.

FUNDINGO Loan Origination Management and Automation

FUNDINGO Loan Entry App

Additionally, the shutdown is creating payment challenges for many businesses that rely on merchant cash advances. According to legal experts, MCA firms may need to adjust their servicing contracts during the crisis in order to comply with government regulations. Making these adjustments manually or with outdated systems can be challenging. If your operation might benefit from a more efficient, automated solution, take a look at the FUNDINGO Loan Servicing Management and Automation solution.