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Every year, Dreamforce brings together thousands of professionals from all different realms of business, the one connecting thread: Salesforce. Salesforce, as it has been well documented, is the world’s #1 CRM and is what we at CloudMyBiz build or custom solutions on to provide clients better business processes that lead to improved ROI, growth and a foundation for success.

This year at Dreamforce, we were honored to be selected as a Consulting Partner Speaker. The topic of our presentation session:

Rapid Success for 3 Small Financing Businesses Through Salesforce

Watch the recording here!

Presentation Overview:

 The 40 minute presentation was a dive into 3 different consulting and implementation projects from our recent history. All 3 clients are in the Alternative Lending Industry, but they all had unique businesses processes and challenges. Our custom Salesforce development, combined with the implementation of our FUNDINGO Loan Management Frameworks  was able to meet all of thier individual needs, and set them on the road to success.

Henry Abenaim – CloudMyBiz Founder and Principal Consultant

Not only did we enjoy putting together and giving this presentation, but it was also great to meet and connect with so many interested individuals at the session! We hope you find the recording helpful, and if you are interested, we have made the powerpoint slides available to download below.

Download the Presentation Slides Here!

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