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engagement programs

Pardot Engagement Programs are one of the most powerful marketing tools out there, and now they can be repeated! If you use Pardot along with your Salesforce, you almost certainly appreciate just how easy and comprehensive your drip and engagement campaigns can be.

For anyone who isn’t familiar, the short version goes like this: Pardot Engagement programs allow you to set up a complex series of automated emails, actions, rules and triggers into what amounts to a smart marketing campaign that can engage your prospects and adjust based on their actions.

Previously, when a prospect was assigned to an engagement campaign, they could only go through the journey once, however as of May 2018, that has all changed. Currently in Beta, Pardot will now allow you to re-assign a prospect back into a single program up to 10 times. You can also adjust how many days the system will wait before re-assigning, just to make sure there is a little space in between.

Being able to repeat engagement programs will allow you to engage with your prospects over a longer period of time because let’s be honest, not everyone converts the first time around. This upgrade will keep them on the path to receive your best content, and get maximum engagement!

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