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Rewards Network is in the business of providing working capital and marketing services to over 25,000 restaurants across the country. The IT team implemented Salesforce almost 10 years ago. Over the past few years, there have been only minimal changes to enhance the platform or to engage the users. The result is that Rewards Network missed out on many of the broad advancements and integrations that Salesforce has brought to the market.

The Challenge

TowerBrook Capital Partners recently purchased the company with the goal of expanding the company’s market share
through the integration of smaller independents and additional service offerings to accelerate growth. Management
had been running into significant challenges in their efforts to:

  • Increase user adoption
  • Improve data integrity and reliability
  • Eliminate ineffective rules of engagement with customers
  • Correct inaccurate forecasting and reporting
  • Evaluate each department performances

The Solution

CloudMyBiz (CMB), which had previously worked with a member associated with TowerBrook, was brought in to
partner with the IT team – not replace them. CMB provided expert guidance and consulting to help IT optimize its
Salesforce instance. The key areas of improvement that needed assistance were:

  • Business process alignment and optimization to gain consensus, reduce maintenance, and improve clarity
  • Build a scalable system designed for future growth,
  • Improve user benefit and adoption with improved UX, speed, and utility in the CRM
  • Optimize the data model for automation and reporting

Through its discovery process, CMB quickly evaluated the situation, discovered the gaps, determine where enhancements and integrations were required to improve customer satisfaction. A process was also implemented on how best to engage and then train the administrative and remote sales teams while also creating an environment where the IT team was viewed as a trusted partner wanting to support all the departments.

The Result

As the platform enhancements and integrations were implemented, and the training processes tested and launched, the internal IT team and management team were thoroughly excited when seeing the improvements. CMB delivered the
structure the internal Rewards Network team needed, who were then able to take the system the rest of the way!

Management and IT are already seeing vast improvements in the following areas:

  • Lead, Account, and Opportunity planning to drive behavior within leading indicators for more predictable
  • Automated “rules of engagement” to drive sales team expectations and behavior
  • Optimizing Salesforce as a CRM/sales tool to get a greater ROI in Salesforce
  • Creating workflows and tools within Salesforce that create a more collaborative, streamlined work
  • Dynamic record assignment and reassignment based on existing or changed markets and regions