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When you are a Salesforce Certified Partner and Consultant, there is no shortage of events and activities available to you. At CloudMyBiz, we always make it a priority to attend as many as we can, not only to connect with the community but to continue learning about the platform and to keep up with the latest trends and news.

This week our Sales team was able to attend two different events in Los Angeles: The Salesforce World Tour Los Angeles, and the AppExchange Partner Summit Los Angeles.

Salesforce World Tour

Like a mini Dreamforce, the world tour features a keynote speaker, breakout session, and of course, the awesome Salesforce mascots! The day was full of great sessions, many of them focused on Salesforce’s latest and greatest: Lightning Experience and Einstein AI. We learned a great deal about the future of these two products, and trust me, you will hear plenty about them in the next year as well. Additionally, we were able to connect with a number of fantastic partners, both previously established and brand new, who will be able to help us bring powerful solution options to our clients in the future.



AppExchange Partner Summit

At the AppExchange Partner Summit, it was all about learning. First and foremost, getting deeper into the how and the why of the Salesforce AppExchange. More importantly, we were able to attend a number of sessions that were all about coordinating and working with the Salesforce team, to bring our customers the best possible solutions.

All in all, we had two very different, but very good days of events. It only further re-enforces our belief that Salesforce is the best CRM platform out there, and that the best way we can help our customers, is to continually push ourselves to learn and grow along with the software and solutions that we provide.