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Get your calculation hat on because we are going to be looking at the new feature in Salesforce Reports this week – Row-Level Formulas. That’s right, it’s been 11 years since this idea was originally suggested by a Salesforce user on the ideas channel, but here we are, with row-level formulas finally in Beta as of the Summer ‘19 release. General Release is scheduled for Winter ‘20, where a few additional features will be added to the row-level reports as well. 

A quick overview for anyone not in the know – prior to now, formula fields, (for example, the last day of the month minus 1, or the number of days since a certain event)  had to be created as one-offs fields, separate from the report. Then, that formula could be used as a field in the report to help give better insights and analytics.

All of that has changed, and you no longer have to build those unique formulas outside of the report. With the field formula functionality built right into the report, users will be to do their calculations, such as determining the number of days since an open opportunity was updated, instead of just listing the date, or the number of days since a user last logged on, right in the report. Saving time and making the reporting easier for everyone.

A quick note, this feature will only be available in Lightning, and again is currently only in Beta, and therefore may not be available in all orgs.

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-Ryan and the CloudMyBiz Team


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