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Tip of the Week – Best Practices for Salesforce Development

Tip of the Week – Best Practices for Salesforce Development

Best Practices for Salesforce

When it comes to developing and implementing Salesforce based system, there are undoubtedly best practices (and worst practices). Worst practices might range from writing code in pig latin, to rubbing melted chocolate on your keyboard. But what are best practices? “A best practice is an industry-wide agreement that standardizes the most efficient and effective way to accomplish the desired outcome. They generally consist of a technique, method, or process.”

Not only do best practices provide the most effective processes or techniques, but they also allow any and all users to be able to work with the system and not break the structure or format. Not a bad idea right? With the new availability of Salesforce DX, best practices are becoming even more important. DX is all about focusing on better and more effective ways to do development work. A few quick examples of best practices include test automation, audit trails, and rollback ability. In the end, following these standards is good for everyone involved, and as DX becomes more widely used worldwide, increasingly essential.

The team at SalesforceBen has put together a great article (below) that will take you in-depth on these and some other Salesforce best practices!

Salesforce Best Practices

-Ryan and the CloudMyBiz Team