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What are APIs good for?

APIs are something that most developers will be familiar with, but for the rest of us, they sound like just another technical acronym that we either don’t understand or have never even heard of. An API is short for Application Programmer Interface. API simply refers to the method programmers use to interface with software, and […]

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Supercharging Philanthropy – Salesforce Acquires roundCorner

Salesforce is just continuing to grow and grow. Officially announced last month, Salesforce broke the news that it will be acquiring roundCorner, an enterprise CRM platform for non-profits and other impact sectors. The acquisition is sure to bolster the Salesforce Non-Profit cloud and breathe new life and functionality to those businesses already on board. roundCorner […]

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App of the Week – Automate Sales Tax in Salesforce with Avalara AvaTax

Sales tax is mandatory in the US. Properly managing sales tax can be complex and costly for businesses. Avalara AvaTax aims to save you time, money and effort, by automating your tax management process. The system is an end-to-end solution, helping and automating the process from the initial calculation to electronic filing and payment. Avalara […]

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