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How Salesforce is Approaching AI

How Salesforce is Approaching AI

It was a big part of Dreamforce 2019. It was the subject of a handful of keynotes. And it is slowly creeping into everyday aspects of our lives. The “It” is AI.

AI, in the form of Einstein, is quickly growing in role and importance inside the Salesforce platform. However, the AI of Salesforce isn’t exactly the AI that is more commonly thought of by most people. In general, AI simply refers to a machine that is able to have experiences, process them, learn from them, and change its future behavior based upon that growing body of knowledge.

In regard to Salesforce, the company isn’t looking to build a walking, talking robot that can pass for a human (or at least they haven’t told us about it yet). Instead, they have set their sights on something simpler and with directly tangible benefits, namely, getting better insights and results from your CRM data and leaving the creation of Skynet to Google or Amazon.

Practically speaking, this means that the Salesforce AI will begin influencing many many aspects of the platform, delivering analysis recommendations, helping you find data or results faster and generally doing complex data crunching tasks with ease. The idea isn’t to replace workers, but to enable them to do their jobs better and faster.

For a bit more on Salesforce and AI, see the link below and hear from the Salesforce’s Chief Scientist


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