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Salesforce Certification Maintenance Now on Trailhead

Salesforce Certification Maintenance Now on Trailhead


With the December 14th deadline for Salesforce Certification Maintenance tests very, very near, it is worth discussing the recent changes to the maintenance test. Specifically, that the tests have moved over to Salesforce Trailhead!

First though, for those who aren’t familiar, Salesforce Certifications (for Administrators, Developers, etc.) require users to pass regular exams to keep the certification from expiring. This helps ensure everyone with a Salesforce Certification keeps up with the latest updates and changes to the platform.

Salesforce Trailhead, again for those who aren’t familiar, is a free and easy way to learn the basics of Salesforce and more. These interactive e-learning modules cover a huge range of topics, from Salesforce development to email marketing to the basic of blockchain! What’s more, you can pick and choose from any number of these modules to customize your own learning “trail”.


So back to the Salesforce Certification Maintenance – the process up until this past summer was for users to go to the Webassessor site to take their certification exam. However, at TrailheadDX earlier in the year, it was announced that all certification tests would slowly be migrating to the Trailhead platform, with the goal of having all tests hosted there by January 2019. At CloudMyBiz, our team of Certified Specialists is quite happy to see this switch and look forward to seeing all of the tests on Trailhead. As of now, the Administrator, Platform App Builder, Platform Developer I and Marketing Cloud Email and Social Specialist tests have migrated to Trailhead.

Why the change? Well for one, it allows users to keep all of their learning, credentials and testing in one place. Users can log in to one central platform, go through the Trailhead module with images, videos, and examples, with a standard Trailhead quiz at the end. Boom, the certification is renewed! Not only is this faster but it is also a better process for us to continue our learning and growth with Salesforce.

Finally, for those who haven’t gotten around to taking advantage of the switch, there are a few things to know. You need to first link your Webassessor account with your Trailhead account. Here is a little info on how to link these accounts, if you haven’t done so already. That way any previous certifications you have won’t be lost.

With all that in mind, Happy Trailblazing


-Ryan and the CloudMyBiz Team