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App of the Week – Invoices for Salesforce

App of the Week – Invoices for Salesforce

Invoices scattered all across your Salesforce org? The more disorganized, the worse it can be to go back and search for the various invoices. Whether it’s to verify some data or to use an old invoice to a new one, you don’t want to spend time digging and searching. Invoices for Salesforce helps clean up, organize and generally streamline your invoices. Invoice documents can be customized to your billing requirements regardless of your product types, sale terms, and your unique Salesforce customization. It also gives you complete control of the design, layout, and content of your invoice templates!

Your invoices are already in Salesforce, however scattered across customers and sales records. So invoicing should simply involve automatically piecing these parts together, without re-keying a thing. This is what Invoices for Salesforce does.

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WebMerge – Document Generation for Contracts, Proposals, Quotes and more

WebMerge – Document Generation for Contracts, Proposals, Quotes and more

There are more than a handful of document generation tools out there on the AppExchange. Some of the big names, such as Conga and Docusign, hold a big market share, but that doesn’t mean their smaller competitors aren’t getting the job done equally as well, at potentially a smaller price tag. WebMerge is a very highly rated document generation and automation app that allows you to automatically import Salesforce data into your documents and get them on their way.

WebMerge is the best way to easily automate your contracts, simplify quotes, streamline proposals, generate reports, and much more

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How Conga can make FinTech more efficient and profitable

How Conga can make FinTech more efficient and profitable

At CloudMyBiz, we are in the business of providing the best possible solution to our clients for the best possible price. That usually means one of two things.

First is that for any client who has a specific need, particularly in the niche market of Alternative Lending, the best solution may be to build out the necessary functionality on top of our FUNDINGO frameworks.

The second option is implementing and integrating 3rd party apps. After all, if we can leverage an already built app, and take advantage of that company’s unique knowledge and specialization, why would we want to re-invent the wheel?


In regards to 3rd party apps, one of the highest rated and recommended apps, built on the Salesforce platform, is Conga. We recommend Conga over and over to our clients, and in particular FinTech companies, because, simply put, Conga delivers fantastic results in areas that FinTech companies need a reliable option.

Conga is a suite of AI-powered solutions that focus on automating documents, contracts and the processes surrounding them. Conga solutions include:

  • Contract Lifecycle Management
  • Document Generation
  • Data and Process
  • eSignature
  • AI


Benefits for FinTech

To put it into a nutshell, when FinTech companies use Conga, they can speed up processes, automate workflows, reduce overhead, and reduce errors. Below we overview some of the best options for FinTech:

Contracts in Salesforce

  • Conga allows the users to quickly and seamlessly draft and send out contracts, with essential data pulled directly from the account in Salesforce. The signed contracts can them be sent back directly to Salesforce, and the account updated.
  • For FinTech companies, where deals need to be made with a matter of hours or days, this is an essential time saver and ensures contracts won’t fall through the cracks. Turnaround times on deals decrease by 80%

Document Creation and Collaboration

  • These are some of the most popular Conga products and used by many CloudMyBiz clients. They help you create professional looking documents, in just about any format, including email, Word, and PDF. Of course, because it is connected to Salesforce, you can easily populate your docs with your hard earned business data. Conga also offers the option for online collaborative documents, so you and your team can work on them together, from anywhere.
  • FinTech relies heavily on documents, for just about all parts of the business. You not only need professional, easy to read and use documents but in order to manage risk, you need to make sure those documents are error free! You can send out essential emails, pulling aggregated data from multiple sources, and focus on selling, rather than admin tasks and creating docs.
  • In addition, Conga offers add-ons to their core document apps for:
    • Simplifying mass mailings
    • Creating & sending batches on a custom schedule
    • Generate docs from event triggers

Data and Process

  • Data, workflow, and processes are some of the trickier products to build. Conga, however, has done a great job with theirs. Admins can embed automated, repeatable processes in Salesforce to increase record keeping, reduce administrative tasks and encourage user engagement. In addition, you can automatically log activities, create follow-up tasks and even update fields with a click of a button.
  • Data entry and manual processes are the number one complaint we hear from FinTech companies.Whether it is reviewing/analyzing bank statements, calculating deal terms or populating borrower information, there is a lot of data to process, and it all has to be done flawlessly. The Conga data and workflow tools are an easy way to help companies streamline their processes.

eSignature and AI

  • While not part of Conga’s core offering (their bread and butter is documents), it only made sense for Conga to expand and handle related processes like eSignature and AI.
  • For any business, FinTech or otherwise, if you can easily integrate eSignature to your documents, it will save you a lot of time. Document review AI is another big time saver. If you need to analyze your documents, organize and ensure you aren’t missing out on valuable insights, AI systems are the way to go.

So in conclusion, no matter what business you are in, but particularly FinTech, Conga can help your business. After all, documents, contracts and processes are central to most companies out there, so why wouldn’t you want one of the best solutions to handle this essential part of your business?

-Ryan and the CloudMyBiz team


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App of the Week – eSignAnyWhere for Document Signatures from Salesforce

App of the Week – eSignAnyWhere for Document Signatures from Salesforce

The name pretty much says it all. This Salesforce native, Lightning ready app allows for easy document creation, integration and signing. Merge data from Salesforce objects, send documents to lists from a single click all while giving recipients the ability to receive and sign on any device. All of this, from inside Salesforce.

eSignAnyWhere app represents the most advanced and easiest to use Salesforce application for e-signatures. Combining security and efficiency of eSignAnyWhere with data from Salesforce produces powerful tool for accelerating sales processes.

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App of the Week – More Efficient Documents with d.velop

App of the Week – More Efficient Documents with d.velop

Document organization can be a real pain point for many companies. The bigger you get, your files become more spread out and harder to organize. Having a trustworthy and easy to use document management system then becomes essential to avoid those frustrating headaches. This app is designed to do help you avoid those troubles, all from your Salesforce Lightning Org.

d.velop documents is an easy to use document management solution which makes processes more efficient. d.velop documents saves storage costs and even provides external access on documents within Salesforce.

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