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Tip of the Week – Simplifying Fixes for Privilege Errors

Tip of the Week – Simplifying Fixes for Privilege Errors

There you are, working away, when you try to open a critical file or folder and BAM! You get the dreaded error message that you don’t have sufficient privilege to access the content. Workflow stopped. Losing time. Now you have to stop what you are doing and figure out why the error happened and get permission. For a quick shortcut to determining the solution, take a look below at the flowchart provided by Salesforce.

The Breakdown:

If you’re an end-user, you should determine if you have access to other records of the same object. There will be two possible outcomes:

  • You do have access to other records: For example, you have access to Account record A but not Account record B. Contact your administrator or the record owner to request access.
  • Don’t have access to other records of the same object: Contact your administrator to request access.

If you’re an administrator, first determine if the end-user has read access to the record.

  • The user does have read access: Grant more access using sharing rules or the role hierarchy. Also, use of the Sharing button on the record detail page grants one time access which can be easily removed later.
  • Don’t have read access: Grant read access using a profile or permission set.

To avoid many of these issues when working with reports, remember to share report folders with your end users, so that all of the reports you build will be accessible when they are needed.

At the end of the day, if you receive an Insufficient Privileges error, you will need permissions to be changed, but using the above steps, you should have a quick and easy way to determine the specific problem, and even better, the solution.

Here is some more information provided by Salesforce to help resolve Insufficient Privileges errors.


-Ryan and the Salesforce Guys