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Do You Have Sales Performance and Task Dashboards?

Do You Have Sales Performance and Task Dashboards?

What does your sales team see when they login to Salesforce? A generic homepage? Apps, widgets and screens that aren’t relevant to their job and are only there taking up space?

If the answer to any of these is yes, you are missing out! Not only is this an easy opportunity to empower your team and give them a leg up each day, but they are actually losing time and effectiveness by not having Salesforce Dashboards on their home page.

A well-built home page may include but is not limited to:

  • Calls Logged
  • Tasks (pending and completed)
  • Calendars & Events
  • Leads Breakdown
  • Opportunity Pipeline
  • Recent Opportunities & Records

Some of these items come pre-built in the Salesforce Lightning Builder, such as “Today’s Tasks”, “Recent Records” and “Recent Items”. The others are simply added as “Report Charts”.

Sure, you do need to go ahead and create some of your own reports, but this is also where you can get creative and make reports that are custom-tailored to your business and sales needs. For example, to create a report showing the Opportunity Pipeline for a particular Sales Rep, create a report with the following filters:

  • All opportunities
  • Close Date = All Time
  • Opportunity Status = Open
  • Probability = All
  • Stage = not equal to Prospecting
  • Opportunity Owner = (name of rep)

When you add this report to the home page you can also specify that the particular Home Page should be shown to only a particular App and Profile, thus making it possible to customize for each user in your company. 

Click here for more details on building your home page


-Ryan and the CloudMyBiz Team


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Tip of the Week – Add a Utility Bar to Your Lightning Apps

Tip of the Week – Add a Utility Bar to Your Lightning Apps

Need a little more functionality from your Salesforce Lightning experience? We have a nifty feature where you can add an Utility Bar to any of your apps. This utility bar contains an assortment of helpful components that can be accessed directly from the bar, all without leaving your current page. A great feature to add to any of your apps!

So what exactly are the features of the utility bar? In a nutshell, the utility bar contains components from the home-page and footer of Salesforce Classic, such as chatter feed, recent items, notes and more. By sticking them on the utility bar, which, once activated, will always show up in your designated app, you will save yourself the trouble of going back to the home page!

Click here for a guide to set up your utility bar!

-Ryan and the CMB Team

Tip of the Week – Spice up your Home Page with RSS Feeds

Tip of the Week – Spice up your Home Page with RSS Feeds

Does your Salesforce team work, even rely upon real time news feeds to function optimally? Maybe you would just like your CRM to connect directly to industry news so you don’t have to navigate away to stay informed? If so, this tip is right up your alley.

We all know that Salesforce allows its users the ability to modify their standard Home page by using various components such as links, images, and to modify the HTML area and Visualforce area. In fact, you can add just about anything to your pages. However, the traditional tags that developers have used to embed external websites or RSS feeds don’t always work as expected anymore. That being said, with a few simple workaround tricks, you can still insert a feed on your home page.

Click here for a guide to add RSS feeds onto your Home Page!

-Ryan and the CMB Team