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Salesforce Events Week in Los Angeles

Salesforce Events Week in Los Angeles

When you are a Salesforce Certified Partner and Consultant, there is no shortage of events and activities available to you. At CloudMyBiz, we always make it a priority to attend as many as we can, not only to connect with the community but to continue learning about the platform and to keep up with the latest trends and news.

This week our Sales team was able to attend two different events in Los Angeles: The Salesforce World Tour Los Angeles, and the AppExchange Partner Summit Los Angeles.

Salesforce World Tour

Like a mini Dreamforce, the world tour features a keynote speaker, breakout session, and of course, the awesome Salesforce mascots! The day was full of great sessions, many of them focused on Salesforce’s latest and greatest: Lightning Experience and Einstein AI. We learned a great deal about the future of these two products, and trust me, you will hear plenty about them in the next year as well. Additionally, we were able to connect with a number of fantastic partners, both previously established and brand new, who will be able to help us bring powerful solution options to our clients in the future.



AppExchange Partner Summit

At the AppExchange Partner Summit, it was all about learning. First and foremost, getting deeper into the how and the why of the Salesforce AppExchange. More importantly, we were able to attend a number of sessions that were all about coordinating and working with the Salesforce team, to bring our customers the best possible solutions.

All in all, we had two very different, but very good days of events. It only further re-enforces our belief that Salesforce is the best CRM platform out there, and that the best way we can help our customers, is to continually push ourselves to learn and grow along with the software and solutions that we provide.


CMB at Force Academy: Day of Learning Salesforce

CMB at Force Academy: Day of Learning Salesforce

On Monday, the 8th of May, a couple reps from CloudMyBiz attended the Force Academy: Day of Learning with SoCal User Groups. The daylong session was a great time for both Dennis and Steve, as they were able to sit on talks about Lightning Design Patterns, Deep Dive into Flow Loops and more!

They were able to meet up with local User/Dev Groups and get front row seats to the many events taught by peers, specialists, MVPs and Salesforce team members. And best of all, they got to hang out with a couple Salesforce Dev Mascots!

Dennis is on the right and Steve on the left

CloudMyBiz Lunch ‘N Learn at Clyde Frazier’s Wine and Dine

CloudMyBiz Lunch ‘N Learn at Clyde Frazier’s Wine and Dine

– New York City –

As a part of the Salesforce World Tour, a couple representatives from CloudMyBiz went mobile to host our semi-annual Lunch ‘N Learn. This event took place on May 2nd, at Clyde Frazier’s Wine and Dine in NYC. Attended by executives from many leading organizations in the FinTech industry, we had a great time getting to better know some of these key players, talk to them about the latest news and trends in the industry as well as grab a couple bites in between conversation.

Thank you very much to everyone who attended and helped make this event a success!

If you would like information about attending future events, feel free to contact us at info@cloudmybiz.com

CloudMyBiz at LendIt NYC 2017

CloudMyBiz at LendIt NYC 2017

LendIt 2017 in NYC is over, and what a great event it was. We had a blast attending the conference and talking to everyone! Of course, if you were there, you might remember us from all the candy we were passing out. Either way, it was a pleasure to be there.

We took a couple photos as well. Enjoy!

The team (from left to right: Dennis, Henry and Steve) at our booth

The iPad display and “famous” candy bowl

CMB at AppExchange Session World Tour LA

CMB at AppExchange Session World Tour LA

Last week, the founder and CEO of CloudMyBiz, Henry Abenaim participated in an event as part of the Salesforce World Tour. Last Thursday’s event was a session panel discussing a wide range of Apps currently available on the AppExchange. The main focus: what these apps can do for you and why you should focus on these particular, essential Apps.

Henry is on the right

Henry, who is also a Certified Salesforce Consultant, spoke to a few Apps he has a good deal of experience with: InsideSales Power Dailer, DocuSign and Hoopla.

The other panelist involved in the event:

Heather Conklin, Director of Product Management for the AppExchange

Nicole Anderson, Director of Product Marketing for App Cloud

Guillermo Pedroni, Senior CRM Applications Manager Telogis who spoke about Conga, TaskRay and Field Trip

Alexandra Ervan, Associate Director of Information Services Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Library who spoke about Object Converter, FormAssembly and Apsona


Overall, it was a great success and Henry was honored to be asked to participate as a panelist and share his expertise with others.