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App of the Week – ZynBit for Outlook, Gmail & Office 365

App of the Week – ZynBit for Outlook, Gmail & Office 365

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Needing to integrate your email with Salesforce? A simple slowdown and disconnect between Salesforce and your email client can not only be a real time waster, but can actually hurt your business process and sales. A better solution will not only save you time, but will increase your Salesforce adoption. Take a look at ZynBit for Salesforce, and try it out with your first 2 users for Gmail or Outlook come free.

Increase Salesforce Adoption by 300% with ZynBit for Outlook, Gmail, and Office 365. Get Salesforce delivered inside of your email. Supports all editions; Industry Cloud, Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Financial Services Cloud, and Community Cloud.


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Why Your Data is Safer in the Salesforce Cloud

Why Your Data is Safer in the Salesforce Cloud

Every so often, we run into a client or potential client who has real hesitations about moving their data onto the Salesforce cloud. Usually, these are businesses who have been using in house servers and data storage for quite a while and the idea of having their most sensitive data floating around “in the cloud” (wherever that is), seems not only foreign but untrustworthy.

Our answer to that is simple, provided you follow Salesforce’s guidelines and best practices for security, your data should be well protected in the cloud!

What’s more, in many cases, your data may actually be safer in the cloud than it would be stored on an in house server!

Keeping that Data Safe

When most companies or people have concerns about storing their data in the cloud, it really isn’t based on many facts, but more on general comfort. It’s only naturally really. As humans, we feel safer when we keep our important items close at hand – even if we are actually worse at protecting them than professionals might be.

Cyber-crimes are a real threat, but the surprising truth is that 60% of all cyber attacks are carried out by insiders, with three-quarters of attacks involving malicious intent, and one-quarter relying on inadvertent participants. In this case, your data will actually be safer stored offsite, where security is handled by another company and can’t be sidestepped internally.

In-house data servers also have physical concerns and dangers, such as flooding, fire, office break-ins, clumsy employees and general upkeep. All of these issues do not apply to cloud servers. To be properly maintained, internal data storage require a significant internal investment. This investment not only includes expensive hardware, overhead for storage and maintenance, but also investment into IT and professional cybersecurity.

Which brings us to what is probably the biggest security problem for in house data storage – the in house security practices, protocols, and management. Worldwide, there is a shortage of qualified cyber-security professionals, and most companies that have in-house security, either can’t invest in it fully or don’t have the knowledge/resources to fully secure their servers. So, if you have sensitive data stored in-house, but aren’t properly protecting it, is it really safer than being in a cloud?

Salesforce Cloud Security

As a billion-dollar enterprise CRM solution, Salesforce has more than a couple of reasons to provide customers with the best options in cyber-security. Simply put, the security options available through Salesforce are significantly more advanced than what many small to mid-size businesses can afford on their own. What’s more, Salesforce has the added benefit of building compliance standards into their network, making everything they do transparent and accessible.

salesforce cloud security

Salesforce uses some of the top industry professionals, to craft a world-class security system, with some significant security certifications.

With Salesforce, you get the following security features, built right in:

  • Stateful packet inspection (SPI) at the perimeter firewall
  • Bastion stations (highly secured computers) to defend against cyber attacks
  • TLS/SSL data encryption for all network data transmissions
  • User profiles and permissions
  • Object-level security
  • Field-level security
  • Record-level security
  • Abilities to enable 2-factor integration or have third-party biometrics installed

For businesses who need an added level of protection, there is Salesforce Sheild, which provides:

  • Platform encryption for all Salesforce metadata
  • Event monitoring – visualization, reporting and analysis of all tracked events within the CRM
  • Audit Trail expansion of up to 10 years, and 60 fields per object

Salesforce also has a dedicated a webpage just for security – https://trust.salesforce.com/en/security/

From this page, users can access trailhead tutorials for security, best practice info, event and warning monitoring, compliance data, security advisories and plenty of other resources to help all Salesforce users keep their most important data safe on the cloud.

-Ryan and the CloudMyBiz Team

App of the Week – QuickBooks Online Integration with Salesforce through Breadwinner

App of the Week – QuickBooks Online Integration with Salesforce through Breadwinner

While there are all sorts of apps on the AppExchange that provide tools or powerful additions to your Salesforce org, accounting has been a notoriously difficult one to find. For too many companies, they have to use at least two systems and be switching back and forth between them. This is wasted time and money that many businesses are just ‘living with’. However, for those who want to integrate their QuickBooks directly to Salesforce, and speed up the process and keep everything in one place, there is Breadwinner.

Breadwinner for QuickBooks Online offers two-way sync of Invoices and QuickBooks Online Companies; and can connect to multiple QuickBooks Online orgs

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How Conga can make FinTech more efficient and profitable

How Conga can make FinTech more efficient and profitable

At CloudMyBiz, we are in the business of providing the best possible solution to our clients for the best possible price. That usually means one of two things.

First is that for any client who has a specific need, particularly in the niche market of Alternative Lending, the best solution may be to build out the necessary functionality on top of our FUNDINGO frameworks.

The second option is implementing and integrating 3rd party apps. After all, if we can leverage an already built app, and take advantage of that company’s unique knowledge and specialization, why would we want to re-invent the wheel?


In regards to 3rd party apps, one of the highest rated and recommended apps, built on the Salesforce platform, is Conga. We recommend Conga over and over to our clients, and in particular FinTech companies, because, simply put, Conga delivers fantastic results in areas that FinTech companies need a reliable option.

Conga is a suite of AI-powered solutions that focus on automating documents, contracts and the processes surrounding them. Conga solutions include:

  • Contract Lifecycle Management
  • Document Generation
  • Data and Process
  • eSignature
  • AI


Benefits for FinTech

To put it into a nutshell, when FinTech companies use Conga, they can speed up processes, automate workflows, reduce overhead, and reduce errors. Below we overview some of the best options for FinTech:

Contracts in Salesforce

  • Conga allows the users to quickly and seamlessly draft and send out contracts, with essential data pulled directly from the account in Salesforce. The signed contracts can them be sent back directly to Salesforce, and the account updated.
  • For FinTech companies, where deals need to be made with a matter of hours or days, this is an essential time saver and ensures contracts won’t fall through the cracks. Turnaround times on deals decrease by 80%

Document Creation and Collaboration

  • These are some of the most popular Conga products and used by many CloudMyBiz clients. They help you create professional looking documents, in just about any format, including email, Word, and PDF. Of course, because it is connected to Salesforce, you can easily populate your docs with your hard earned business data. Conga also offers the option for online collaborative documents, so you and your team can work on them together, from anywhere.
  • FinTech relies heavily on documents, for just about all parts of the business. You not only need professional, easy to read and use documents but in order to manage risk, you need to make sure those documents are error free! You can send out essential emails, pulling aggregated data from multiple sources, and focus on selling, rather than admin tasks and creating docs.
  • In addition, Conga offers add-ons to their core document apps for:
    • Simplifying mass mailings
    • Creating & sending batches on a custom schedule
    • Generate docs from event triggers

Data and Process

  • Data, workflow, and processes are some of the trickier products to build. Conga, however, has done a great job with theirs. Admins can embed automated, repeatable processes in Salesforce to increase record keeping, reduce administrative tasks and encourage user engagement. In addition, you can automatically log activities, create follow-up tasks and even update fields with a click of a button.
  • Data entry and manual processes are the number one complaint we hear from FinTech companies.Whether it is reviewing/analyzing bank statements, calculating deal terms or populating borrower information, there is a lot of data to process, and it all has to be done flawlessly. The Conga data and workflow tools are an easy way to help companies streamline their processes.

eSignature and AI

  • While not part of Conga’s core offering (their bread and butter is documents), it only made sense for Conga to expand and handle related processes like eSignature and AI.
  • For any business, FinTech or otherwise, if you can easily integrate eSignature to your documents, it will save you a lot of time. Document review AI is another big time saver. If you need to analyze your documents, organize and ensure you aren’t missing out on valuable insights, AI systems are the way to go.

So in conclusion, no matter what business you are in, but particularly FinTech, Conga can help your business. After all, documents, contracts and processes are central to most companies out there, so why wouldn’t you want one of the best solutions to handle this essential part of your business?

-Ryan and the CloudMyBiz team


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App of the Week – RingDNA Inside Sales Acceleration: Dialer, Phone, CTI & Call Tracking

App of the Week – RingDNA Inside Sales Acceleration: Dialer, Phone, CTI & Call Tracking


Any app or tool that can help a salesperson contact more leads and increase conversions is a good thing. How do you do that though? One way is with a Sales accelerator like Ring DNA. Ring DNA is a predictive dialer, that helps you quickly cycle through call lists, automate voicemail, and prioritize better leads. What’s more, RingDNA Local Presence enables you to call prospects using local area codes, greatly improving the likelihood that your hottest leads will answer the phone.

Have 4X more conversations with RingDNA’s outbound sales acceleration & inbound CTI & call tracking. Dial more leads, have more conversations & more revenue.

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