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CRM Predictions for 2020

CRM Predictions for 2020

Wow! Are we are already mid-February, 2020? As the year is moving so fast, we thought it would be the right time to talk a bit about the Salesforce trends and things to watch for in the rest of the year.

In no particular order, here are a headlines of some Customer Relationship Management trends for 2020:

  • Marketing teams will begin to understand the customer identity problem
  • AI impacts will begin to significantly increase
  • Voice technology will begin to revolutionize the sales process
  • Customer service agents take on elevated mandates
  • Cross-company integrations bring it all together

Also, a nice quick read from Salesforce has a number of Executives Predicting the Future of Business in 2020 and Beyond!


-Ryan and the CloudMyBiz Team


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App of the Week – FOLDERIZE

App of the Week – FOLDERIZE

One of the big changes that Lightning brought to Salesforce was the removal of a traditional folder system and the introduction of Salesforce files/libraries. Of course, when changing anything that people are used to, this was met with either raving support or significant resistance. So, for those of you who miss the old days of file folders, this app is for you! FOLDERIZE gives you a way to store your documents in that more traditional file system, even in Salesforce Lightning.

Folderize provides an alternative to Salesforce Files/Libraries, and to the Attachments related list for objects. It offers a hierarchical structure helpful for organizing many document collections.

Check it out here!


App of the Week – How to Integrate Salesforce and Excel – XL – Connector

App of the Week – How to Integrate Salesforce and Excel – XL – Connector

Microsoft Excel is and has been the name to beat in spreadsheets for a long time thanks to its simple grid interface, flexible features and powerful data tools. The more you know how to use Excel, the greater the benefits. So for those users out there who would prefer to use Excel to manage their Salesforce data, this app has been made to do just that. Pull reports, work offline, update and edit, or mass merge records. This app has you covered.

XL-Connector is a data loader that provides tools to pull data from Salesforce, work on it in Excel, and push it back with one click!

Check it out here!

CloudMyBiz and AI Assist Poised to Change the Alternative Lending Sales Process | PRWeb

CloudMyBiz and AI Assist Poised to Change the Alternative Lending Sales Process | PRWeb

CloudMyBiz and AI Assist Poised to Change the Alternative Lending Sales Process

Conversica Automated Sales Assistant Integrated to Salesforce

CloudMyBiz and AI Assist Powered by Conversica, have teamed up to change the way Merchant Cash Advance (MCA) companies do business with an automated artificial intelligence system that nurtures leads, improves conversion and response rates and increases ROI. Conversica’s A.I. Sales Assistant is a brand new approach to the sales process, and through the CloudMyBiz Salesforce Frameworks, that A.I. will now be custom tailored to the Alternative Lending and MCA Industries.

“As a Salesforce consultant and developer, we are always on the look-out for quality apps and technologies to bring to our clients,” said Henry Abenaim, Founder and CEO of CloudMyBiz. “When it comes to the sales process, we have seen that developing leads and relationships can cause significant pain and slowdown for our clients. The Conversica A.I. Sales technology is something that could dramatically alter the face of Alternative Lending and MCA.”

AI Assist uses the Conversica advanced Sales Assistant A.I. to tirelessly follow up on leads, intuitively develop relationships and then transfer hot leads to real salespeople to close the deal. Built on the idea of humanizing automation, A.I. Assist Powered by Conversica uses proven sales methods and psychology to boost sales and ROI by making the sales process warmer and more personable.

“We have noticed that our Salesforce customers see a higher overall ROI, because of the ease and workflows that the Salesforce and Conversica integration allows,” said Roman Vinfield, President of AI Assist, powered by Conversica. “With the MCA industry being such a big part of our business, we have been looking for a best in breed organization to partner with who will maximize the benefits of our technology for our clients. We couldn’t be happier to partner with CMB, who couldn’t have a greater reputation in the MCA and Lending industries. We are excited to work together and to bring current and future clients a superior product”

About CloudMyBiz

The CloudMyBiz team, via the Fundingo suite of apps, empowers business through the Cloud and encourages streamlined collaboration between departments, clients, customers and partners. CloudMyBiz focuses on Salesforce Implementation, Migration, Integration and Development, Third Party Applications, and Custom App Development, all specializing for the lending industry.

About AI Assist

AI Assist is an exclusive partner of Conversica, and the only provider of the Conversica software for the finance industry. Conversica provides lead management software for marketing, inside sales and sales organizations. Presented as a customized online persona, Conversica engages and nurtures leads through natural email exchanges until the lead converts into an opportunity or opts out. Conversica is used by more than 12,000 sales representatives worldwide and has assisted in the creation of more than US$8 billion in sales revenue.

Contact Information:

Dennis Mikhailov
Business Development | CloudMyBiz, Inc.
P 818.732.4316 | M 818.419.7339

Roman Vinfield
President AI Assist Powered by Conversica
P 917.664.7200