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App of the Week – Altify Opportunity Manager

App of the Week – Altify Opportunity Manager

Qualifying leads and opportunities can be an eternal struggle for Sales teams. There are a lot of complex variables to consider, and often imprecise qualification criteria. The end result can have you chasing down leads that either aren’t a good fit for you or aren’t really ready to buy. In the end, it amounts to wasted time, effort and resources. That’s why having a computerized opportunity managed can be such a help! This app’s customizable formulas, questionnaires and insights helps streamline the process, and give your reps a better path to follow.

Opportunity Manager coaches sellers in real-time to qualify effectively, research the relationship landscape, collaborate with customers, develop solutions that address business challenges, and competitive approaches that delivers a win-win outcome.

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App of the Week – No WiFi?  No problem.  Never lose a Lead with iCapture for Salesforce

App of the Week – No WiFi? No problem. Never lose a Lead with iCapture for Salesforce

Generating new leads is critical for growing any business, and because of this many companies invest a lot of resources into finding great future customers.  Whether it’s tradeshows, conventions or walking around your local mall, many of the best leads come from face-to-face interaction.  The problem is making sure that all of these great new prospects actually make it into your database.  If you’re gathering business cards, you have to make sure that you don’t lose one, if you use a sign-up sheet you’re going to have to figure out what they wrote and don’t forget the time for data entry.  You could have them enter their data straight into Salesforce…  but only if you have a good WiFi connection.  Wouldn’t it be great if, no matter where you are, your last step was a handshake?  Wouldn’t you love to cut the data entry?  Well you can with iCapture for Salesforce!

Never lose another lead! Capture and qualify leads instantly with a fully customizable app for your tablet. You determine the data you need to capture. Anything from contact info, lead qualifying multiple choice questions, QR Code data and more. Perfect for trade shows. Send data automatically to your Salesforce.

Save time and stop losing leads today.  Check out iCapture for Salesforce.