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Breaking down Merchant Cash Advances & more!

Breaking down Merchant Cash Advances & more!

As a Salesforce consultant specializing in Alternative Lending and Merchant Cash Advances, we often run across folks who aren’t familiar with the industry, or all of the nuances with how the funding works. Of course, regulation and legal concerns are always significant when we are talking about funding companies with large amounts on money. Sometimes, you just need someone to put together a presentation and break it down.

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How Should A Merchant Cash Advance Be Structured, What is Syndication, and More?

Shopify Capital adds small, unsecured loans for ‘dorm room’ entrepreneurs

Shopify Capital adds small, unsecured loans for ‘dorm room’ entrepreneurs

Shopify has provided merchant cash advance services for the last three years for established online retailers, but newcomers with no transaction history typically were turned away.

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Great to see this kind of growth!

deBanked Broker Fair 2019

deBanked Broker Fair 2019

This past week, New York hosted the single largest gathering of Merchant Cash Advance and business loan brokers. The deBanked Broker Fair, was held on May 6th with the idea of capturing the spirit of the industry in the very city that makes it hum. CloudMyBiz, as a Salesforce Partner specializing in solutions for MCA and Alternative Lending, made sure to attend.

It was a great day of networking, connecting with past and future clients, and of course, learning about the future of the industry. In addition, we were selected to not just attend, but to participate. Henry Abenaim, Founder and CEO of CloudMyBiz, was selected to demo and discuss our disruptive loan management solutions and systems to a packed crowd of brokers and lenders.

This exclusive one-day event was a great connection point for all the brokers, lenders, funders and service providers in attendance. The conference promised education, inspiration and opportunities to connect and grow businesses, and more than delivered!



CloudMyBiz Helps Merchant Cash Advance Dreams Become Reality | Yahoo Finance

CloudMyBiz Helps Merchant Cash Advance Dreams Become Reality | Yahoo Finance


CloudMyBiz Helps Merchant Cash Advance Dreams Become Reality

In Advance Capital Reaches New Heights

LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–In Advance Capital (IAC), a fast moving organization in the world of merchant cash advance and small business lending, recently announced that it has secured a $50 million credit line following many quarters of significant growth. CloudMyBiz (CMB), who implemented a fully automated and integrated Salesforce system and integration for the IAC Organization, is extremely happy to see the overwhelming success that this client is having.

The partnership with IAC has been a breath of fresh air. We are very pleased with the success of the project, how it has grown and are looking forward to further growth ahead, says Henry Abenaim, Founder of CloudMyBiz.

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Following a demonstration in August of 2015, In Advance Capital purchased the full suite of CloudMyBiz’s customized Salesforce Apps, including Fundingo Origination, Underwriting, Loan Servicing, Syndication, Decision Logic and Splits. This new system allowed for greater flexibility of reporting, real-time underwriting decisions based on live data, automated loan servicing and significant process streamlining.

CMB’s system, combined with ongoing support and customizations, provided the backbone and functionality to make IAC’s success possible. 18 months later, the results speak for themselves. When they started in 2015, In Advance Capital was funding around $80,000 a month. This number has currently grown to about $2.5 million a month. In the last two months alone, they have seen a 220% increase of applications. The net result of this growth: a new $50 million credit line and very bright prospects for the future.

About CloudMyBiz

The CloudMyBiz team empowers business through the Cloud and encourages streamlined collaboration between departments, clients, customers and partners. CloudMyBiz specializes in Salesforce Implementation, Migration, Integration and Development, in addition to working with Third Party Applications and Custom App Development.

About In Advance Capital

Times Square-based In Advance Capital is a merchant cash advance company providing working capital to small- and medium-size businesses nationwide. Though only 18 months old, In Advance Capital has grown quickly, attributing portfolio transparency, discipline, and strong relationships with investors as keys to their growth and sustainability.

App of the Week – Fundingo Loan Servicing streamlines lending in Salesforce

App of the Week – Fundingo Loan Servicing streamlines lending in Salesforce


If you’re in the Lending industry, you know the challenges of using multiple systems. There’s double data entry between your CRM and Loan Management Systems, with limited flexibility and reporting capabilities. You need a tool that brings together loan repayment and customer data, makes it easy to monitor loans and identify when deals are eligible for renewal, and that’s ready to integrate with ACH providers to make the process quick and simple. In short, you need Fundingo Loan Servicing!

How are you keeping track of your loans and merchant cash advances? Is the process slow, manual, and impossible to train? Is your data stored in a complicated spreadsheet or legacy system? Fundingo Loan Servicing is a tool designed for Merchant Cash Advance (MCA) and Alternative Lenders. This app will let you easily manage and monitor all repayments within Salesforce.

Fundingo Loan Servicing is a new tool designed with Alternative Lenders in mind! Check it out and start saving time today!