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Tips for Setting up a New Salesforce Org.

Tips for Setting up a New Salesforce Org.

Setting a new Salesforce Org can be a very exciting time! So many possibilities and opportunities at your fingertips. Maybe its the start of a new venture, or just a way to improve your business organization. Either way, you want to get started on the right foot.

So, we put together a quick but effective list of to-dos and steps that will help you get your new Salesforce Org off the ground and set up for success.

  1. Define Your Naming –
    • How you do this will depend on what type of org you are creating. Getting your naming standards down early will help a ton and avoid much confusion later.
      • Best practice is to define your user and company names to indicate the Name (or purpose) of the Org, along with the full name being used and a version if applicable.
  2. Add Your Company Logo
    • A great way to do this is with a custom app. Upload the logo to the App, and then simply set the App to appear in any location you want the logo to appear.
  3. Enter Your Company Info
    • Primarily speaking, you need to get the company’s default time zone, fiscal year, and primary contact information.
  4. Set Security Policies
    • Setting up security is always essential. Passwords, network and session settings are a great place to start. Users and account permissions are next! Try the Health Check feature of Salesforce for a guide on best practices.
  5. Enable Chatter
    • The internal communication community for Salesforce. A great way to make sure that everyone stays connected.
  6. Add Power of One & Case Safe ID Fields
    • These two fields can be very helpful when it comes to reporting. Set them up in Sandbox.
    • Power of One is a simple formula that enables you to summarize data quickly in reports.
    • Case Safe ID is a formula that enables you to manipulate record IDs in other reporting tools that do not recognize case-sensitivity.

So there you go. You are a few steps closer to having a well oiled Org up and running.

-Ryan and the CloudMyBiz Team


App of the Week – Monitor Security Threats with ComplianceSeal

App of the Week – Monitor Security Threats with ComplianceSeal

Putting an alarm system in your house or your car is one of the most natural things you can do. So why wouldn’t you want one for your production org? Not only does ComplianceSeal monitor and alert for Application Security risks, but it also functions as a Command & Control Center to govern all of your production orgs. You can enforce security controls, catch unforeseen security threats, and check for non-compliance to internal and external audits in the production.

Compliance Seal monitors single or multiple Salesforce instances for Center of Excellence, (COE), security assurance teams, audit teams, compliance teams and System Administrators can use this application to manage Salesforce Instance.

Check it out here!