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How did the pandemic change the future of lending?

How did the pandemic change the future of lending?


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Under normal circumstances, businesses facing financial hardship have a number of options to help weather the storm. The financial stresses of the Covid-19 pandemic, however, are far from normal. So, what does this mean both for lenders and borrowers?

Disruptions affecting supply chains and cash-positions eliminate the option to simply return to normal even if social distancing is no longer necessary. Also, short-term priorities are eclipsing long-term financial goals. This means that money will likely go to covering loss of income and changes spurred by the pandemic.

So, how can we adapt lending to the short and medium term changes coming our way? The European Investment Bank explains this and more in their blog.

Post-COVID Communications for Financial Services

Post-COVID Communications for Financial Services

Curious how to navigate communications in a post-Covid landscape?

“As nations struggle to balance a safe return to economic productivity, the livelihoods of millions will be affected – but the financial sector can help to ease people’s anxieties.”

With that being the case, communication is all the more important to not only keep business running, but to also ease worries and make life feel better for everyone. So here are a some great tips from Finance Monthly


App of the Week – Daydream Lightning Bundle

App of the Week – Daydream Lightning Bundle

For any admin or developer looking to build a better Salesforce org, there are a plethora of tools available for download and purchase. However, knowing where to get started can be daunting, especially for those of us who don’t have a lot of extra time to spend on research. So why not go with a bundle of prebuilt components, that will give you so many of those essential add-ons and functions, without the hassle of finding each one individually? The Daydream Lightning Bundle is 10 powerful lightning components, that will instantly improve your org. Included are:

  • Advanced Manual Sharing
  • World/Country Heat Map
  • Advanced Field History
  • Activity History
  • Time Tracker
  • Video Player
  • Dynamic Button
  • Dynamic Banner
  • Team Member
  • Note Search

The Daydream Lightning Bundle is a set of Lightning components that will supercharge your Lightning Experience. Simply drag and drop our components onto your Home or Record pages.

Check it out here!