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Tip of the Week – Dreamforce Tips #5 – Use the Salesforce Import Wizard

Tip of the Week – Dreamforce Tips #5 – Use the Salesforce Import Wizard

You have hundreds, no, thousands of records you need to get into Salesforce in a snap. The Data Loader and dataloader.io are too intimidating, or maybe there are some limitations keeping you from using those tools (maybe you have a lot of integrations and no free API calls). Maybe you just want a clean, easy experience for importing your records. Well, if you abandoned the Salesforce Import Wizard years ago, you may be pleasantly surprised by the new(ish) interface. The Salesforce team let me know this was one of the most neglected tools on the platform, and in this week’s Dreamforce Tip, I’d like to point you in that direction.

Using the native Data Import Wizard is extremely easy and offers some useful features. To get there, go to Setup -> Data Management -> Data Import Wizard, or My Settings -> Import -> Data Import Wizard. Click Launch Wizard, select which object you’ll be importing into from the list of available Standard and Custom Objects, and identify if you’ll be importing, updating, or doing both at the same time (“upsert”). From there, choose your file, map your fields, and click Import. The system can automatically identify duplicates, import Accounts and Contacts simultaneously, and is pretty smart at auto-matching field mappings. For more info and to help you choose the right tool, check out the help doc and this handy video from Salesforce!

-Jared and the Salesforce Guys

Dreamforce Sock Update:

Dreamforce Socks

These Dreamforce socks are starting to look like socks! Two heels, and the striping has begun! My goal is to finish these before Veterans’ Day, so wish me luck!