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Adding Sound Effects to Your Salesforce Org

Adding Sound Effects to Your Salesforce Org

For this weeks’ blog post, we would like to help you add some lighthearted fun to your Salesforce org. With just a few easy steps, you can add custom, fun sounds to play when a big deal closes! So let’s get into it.

Guitar, strum, music, playing

There are 4 primary steps needed to setup your custom sounds. Rather than re-invent the wheel and type up the whole process, we have some fantastic resources from Salesforce to guide you through it from start to finish.

As for the sounds themselves – there are plenty of websites databases with free sound files to download. This blog post lists some of the best options for researching the perfect sound effects for you and your team.

That should be everything you need to add sound effects to your Salesforce Org, just keep it work appropriate ok? If this works for you, reply below. We would like to see what you come up with! Happy noisemaking!

-Ryan and the CloudMyBiz Team



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