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Tip of the Week – How to Encourage New Software Adoptions

Tip of the Week – How to Encourage New Software Adoptions

So you just installed new software in your company to boost productivity and growth? Great! But how do you get everyone on your team to really commit to adopting and using the new features? Poor adoption can lead to a fractured and dissatisfied team, as well as potential business setbacks and losses. Whether you have made a significant change, like moving your entire operation onto Salesforce, or a smaller one, like adding a group messaging app such as Slack, encouraging software adoption can be challenging.


For each user, the adoption arc will be unique, but the following practices are a great place to start:

  • Transparent Communication: Talk to your team openly. Make sure everyone understand what change is being made and why. Take some time to spell out the benefits.
  • Early Adopters: If possible, make the new software available for experimentation prior to the official launch. Give your team a risk free opportunity to explore
  • Success Stories and Super Users: Do you have any early adopter wizards? Super users who immediately pick it up and run? Share their stories to encourage the team. Explore what is working well and let them share tips from personal experience.
  • Appreciation and Recognition: Little rewards can go a long way. Simple shout outs to a new successful adoption, or a quick thank you message can keep the adoption rolling.
  • Support Structure: If anyone is struggling, make sure you have the resources readily available to help. Make it easy to get help, and push the message that it’s ok to ask for help. Nobody wants to be ostracized for struggling with a new system.

-Ryan and the CMB Team