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6 Admin Tips to Make Your Salesforce Org More User Friendly

6 Admin Tips to Make Your Salesforce Org More User Friendly


Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or expert admin, or have recently inherited an org, there are a number of things just about any admin can do to make their org more user-friendly. With some of these simple tricks and processes, you can not only give your users a better environment to work in, but you can also reduce the administrative challenges on your end too!

So what does it mean to have a user-friendly org? We all get that it means to tailor the system towards your users’ specific needs, but a truly user-friendly system will have most if not all of the characteristics below:

  • Easy to use and understand, leading to higher adoptions  
  • Enforced business processes – a properly designed user experience will naturally enforce business process, and not allow gaps or loopholes for improper practices
  • Increased user buy-in and confidence in their processes
  • Significantly increased efficiency from a well setup system
  • Increased data integrity & accuracy – making it easier for users to create records, and ensure they are accurate

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So without further ado, here is our list of tips that in even small amounts, will be able to make your org more user-friendly:

1.) Reduce data entry and duplicates

This might seem like a no-brainer, but that’s why we put it at number one. Why spend hours entering data, or dealing with duplicate records if you don’t have to? One of the big advantages of Salesforce is that you have so many options for automation. And you should automate just about as much as you can. Lack of automation can lead to:

  • Inefficient processes – manual data entry wastes time, plain and simple
  • Turns off users – a user who has to repeat multiple steps throughout the day will likely be a disengaged user
  • Data quality issues – the time users spend manually inputting tedious amounts of data, the more likely they are to make mistakes
  • Reporting issues – if you have data quality issues, you certainly can’t use that data for reporting. Now your decision makers can’t have reliable metrics to track performance and understand where the company stands.

If you have some significant processes that need automation, feel free to talk to one of our Salesforce Specialists and see how we can streamline your data entry process.

2.) Use visuals and a smart UI layout

Spending a bit of time thinking about the visual layout and design of your org will make a big difference to people who work with it every day. A page full of small lines of text immediately looks overwhelming. Spice it up with as many visual indicators as you can.

For example, consider using custom icons (via custom fields) on account pages to indicate what type of account it is, or on a related case list!

Also, consider laying out your important pages in a way that people will naturally be led through the page. The Gutenberg Diagram has been a proven as one of the smartest ways to approach UI.


The tldr: People generally look at the top left first and visually scroll diagonally to the bottom right. Use this to your advantage for placing the most important elements on your page.

3.) Embed reports and dashboards

Keeping with our theme of making things as visual as possible, a good admin tip is to embed relevant reports onto different pages, such as accounts and opportunities. This will make it easy for your users to see all sorts of important details, without needed to scroll through lines of data.

Make sure you spend some time, talking to your users and execs to find out exactly what reports they would like and what would help them the most.

4.) Streamline what users see

There are a lot of fields in most Salesforce orgs. Too many fields some would argue. Make it easier on your users by keeping layouts clean, organized and focused with only the fields that are really necessary. present fields when relevant, focus user attention.

In addition, you can customize search layouts, so that when users are searching for records, only the most relevant fields will be displayed.

5.) Add help text

For those fields that you do keep on each page, adding help text will make everything a bit easier. You will be hard pressed to add too many helpful tips. Define just about anything for your users with these simple hover tools, such as what type of data is required, or how to understand the input. 


6.) Enable quick actions

Salesforce Quick Actions are a great way for users to focus on the most important workflows and information that they need every day. This integration works from any computer or device that connects to Chatter. Through the Chatter feed, users can log cases, add notes to records and more! native in chatter feed. Can quickly do it when mobile, traveling etc. Because Quick Actions can be easily accessed from Salesforce1, they are pretty much an essential addition for any user who is regularly on the road.

That wraps it up for our quick 6 Admin Tips for a more user-friendly org. Feel free to comment below with any thoughts or other user-friendly org tips that you find particularly helpful.

-Ryan and the CloudMyBiz team



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