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Tip of the Week – Web-to-Lead – Set It and Forget It

Tip of the Week – Web-to-Lead – Set It and Forget It

Attention Users of Web-to-Lead and Web-to-Case

You need to update before Summer 2017!

For anyone who uses Web-to-Lead, this Tip of the Week is special for you. You may have already seen a Salesforce email about this subject, but for those of you who haven’t, and who want to keep this important functionality working, read on.

What is Web-to-Lead? Simply put, it is a form on any webpage, where contact information can be entered and if the proper HTML code is written in, that information can be automatically routed into Salesforce to create leads or cases. This is a great way to passively and efficiently generate new leads. For those out there who use it, you know how great it can be and what a big deal it would be if it stopped working.

Unfortunately, Web-to-Lead is set to stop working come Summer 2017, if you do not update the end-points in your HTML. So as a friendly reminder, make sure to get those updates rolling before the summer sun gets too hot.

Click here for more info on setting up Web–to-Lead!
-Ryan and the Salesforce Guys