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New Additions to Salesforce from the IdeaExchange

New Additions to Salesforce from the IdeaExchange

How many of you Salesforce users have ever experienced this: you have been in the middle of a project, or just your general day-to-day, when all of a sudden you run into an issue where the system doesn’t have the capability to do what would seemingly be a normal, basic task?

You scratch you head and say, “Why in the world can’t I do _____”. So you go online, do a quick search and sure enough, you find out that for whatever reason, Salesforce can’t do the function you want. So, for the admins and intrepid learners among you, you take it upon yourself to create a workflow, trigger or some other workaround solution. And for those without the knowledge, time, or whose task is just too simple to bother with, you move on and do your work another way.


These scenarios are pretty common across the board for Salesforce users, and starting many years ago, Salesforce introduced a message board called the IdeaExchange, where users could post their ideas, debate the use case, how the functionality should take shape, and most importantly, upvote the topics and features they most wanted to see.

This robust user engagement community has thousands of suggestions these days, giving the people at Salesforce plenty to think about. The best part though, is that every new release, a number of these user originated suggestions actually get rolled out, and added to the core functionality of Salesforce!

So without further ado, here are a couple of the best features rolled out in Winter ‘20 that origination on the IdeaExchange.

Lightning Recycle Bin

It’s almost crazy that this didn’t exist until now. The “Recycle Bin” or “Trash Can”, has been a computing concept since at least 1983. The Lightning Recycle Bin is a combined Bin for everyone in your team. This means that if other users delete something, you can go back in and un-delete if desired.


Printable View for Lightning Lists

When you switched from Classic over to Lightning, you lost the ability to view your lists in a print view. As someone who really likes to see my lists all nice and orderly, this one is very much appreciated. Also, if you are going to actually print out your list, you will save a lot of ink and paper with this better formatted list.

View Records by Topic on the Topic Detail Page

Are you using Topics yet? Topics provide a way to organize records by theme, and on the topic detail page, you can view a list of all related topics. Examples of topics are just about anything you can imagine, from the general example of “cars” or “textiles”, to specific like “delinquent” or “rush order”.



“Where is this used” – now generally available!

Nothing like trying to clean up your pages and finding old fields that you have no idea where they came from, what they do, or how they are being used. This feature is now available in all orgs, letting you search for usage in formulas, email templates, reports and more!

Opportunity Contact Role is a full-featured object

This update has been long-awaited for many Salesforce users, especially businesses who use specific contact role designations, such as “client, donor, etc”. By making the Opportunity Contact Role it’s own object, you can customize the object like any other, use it in triggers, process builder or flows.


For anyone interested in seeing all of the new changes and features in the Winter ‘20 release of Salesforce that originally started on the IdeaExchange, click here!


-Ryan and the CloudMyBiz Team



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