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Image by Joelle Diane

It’s hard to believe, but this week is our 99th Tip of the Week. Almost two years have gone by since we first shared with you some of our favorite Salesforce workarounds, and since then, we’ve worked hard to bring you a new tip, trick, hack, or solution for common Salesforce challenges every week. I’m writing this post from my first Dreamforce experience, and next week’s 100th will (probably) be focused on what I’ve learned, but for now I bring you my personal favorite top 10 tips from the last 98.

10. Barcodes in Salesforce are that bleeping simple

I have run into a couple situations where I needed barcodes in Salesforce, and happened on this solution. It’s so quick and easy to implement that it will always make my top 10.

9. Maps in Salesforce will be a game changer Spring ’15

And they have been! This feature generated a lot of excitement, and over the last several months, it has been thoroughly loved by everyone I know in the Salesforce world!

8. A quick life hack to enhance your Salesforce experience

This tip was completely out of left field, but for those of you with big, tall pages and documents to read, it can be a real life-changer. Think desktop meets iPad (without the iPad Pro investment).

7. The dos and don’ts of Salesforce Chatter

I wasn’t expecting how popular this tip was going to be when I wrote it, but it made its rounds in a big way. I hadn’t realized how many people were looking for a primer on what to do with Chatter.

6. Calculate business days between two dates in Salesforce

This simple solution can be a real help to businesses for whom business day response time is crucial – which accounts for a large number of businesses. I love these simple copy/paste solutions.

5. A whole new world in Salesforce with one simple Visualforce page

Speaking of copy/paste solutions, this one can bring some amazing features to your org with very little effort. I’ve received a number of phone calls from other Salesforce partners wanting to implement it.

4. Ready, set, integrate with Salesforce to Salesforce

People don’t realize how easy it is to integrate two Salesforce orgs together with Salesforce-to-Salesforce, but it can completely reinvent how two teams work together.

3. Choosing the right phone integration for Salesforce

This post is a go-to for me when people ask me about CTI adapters. There are so many options on the market, and this can really help you choose the right solution for your team.

2. It’s easy to create dynamic Reports in Salesforce

This tip took a lot of effort to write, but it serves as a primer for my team whenever they need to learn how to build dynamic Reports. The step-by-step instructions break it down so that anyone can do it!

1. Hack Away at work with URL hacking in Salesforce

This is one of our most revisited posts, and I’ve heard from developers in and out of my office that they come back to this time and again every time they are trying to prepare custom URL hacks. If you’re looking for simple instructions, I walk you through it and make it as easy as I can.

Keep an eye out for many more tips and tricks over the next two years and beyond! I look forward to celebrating our 100th post next week, and sharing with you our 200th and more! Thanks for reading.

-Jared and the Salesforce Guys