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LinkedIn Search
Image by Joelle Diane

You may have heard the sad news that Salesforce and LinkedIn are having some relationship problems and have decided to take some time apart. Their native social selling integration is being scrapped. This may not affect you, but if it does, you and your team are probably scrambling to find a solution that gives you quick and easy access to the LinkedIn info you care about most. Never fear, we’ve got a quick, easy, free solution to keep your team moving!

This solution is effective for many social media accounts, and can be a great way to bring basic functionality from all sorts of systems to your Salesforce users. Start by creating a custom link on your Contact object, label it whatever works for your team (I like “Search on LinkedIn”), then paste the following code in for the formula: https://www.linkedin.com/vsearch/f?type=all&keywords={!Contact.FirstName}+{!Contact.LastName}+{!Account.Name}. Add the custom link to your page layout, and now your users can search LinkedIn for customer information with the click of a button! Free and easy!

-Jared and the Salesforce Guys