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List Views and Reports in Salesforce are critical tools to your day-to-day process flow. List Views help you identify what needs your attention, and Reports let you understand your data on a deeper level and help determine your next steps. Giving your team dynamic Lists and Reports to let them act on their most critical records is critical, but if you’re relying on a User lookup other than the Owner field to determine who has the next steps, you may have built dozens of Reports and List Views, one for each user, to meet their needs. If you feel this pain, try this more dynamic solution and pare down your lists in five minutes!

Create a new Formula Field, make it a checkbox, and enter the following, replacing Owner for your User lookup: Owner:User.Id = $User.Id . If the current user is the same as the Owner, the value will be True, so you can use this in your Reports and List View filters, choosing that field, the operator of “equals” and a value of True. Now, log in as any user or stand over one of your users’ shoulders and make sure it looks good. Now, you have one Report or List View that works for your whole team. Give this simple formula a try today and let us know how it’s helping you!

-Jared and the Salesforce Guys