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As the office Salesforce superhero, you’ve put a lot of work into making things as streamlined and automated as possible, and you take a lot of pride in your work. Your team loves those automatic emails that go out when they make certain updates to their records, letting them move on with their day, but I know how frustrated you are when you find out that one of those emails is consistently going to spam. Well, here are a couple very simple pointers that you can implement today to help get your emails past spam filters and into customers’ inboxes.

To start off, there are certain words to avoid in your subject lines, such as having things like “alert”, “notification”, “approved”, or dollar signs. Additionally, avoid subjects with all capitals. If you’re using fancy HTML emails, be sure your HTML code is clean and as simple as possible. Perhaps most important, read, reread, and have others read your automated emails – if someone on your side feels it looks like spam, clients may flag it, increasing the possibility of your emails going to spam in the future. For more things to avoid in the subject, check this list, and for pointers on your emails overall, check this post by Pardot!

-Jared and the Salesforce Guys