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Fire up the grill, pop the cork, and get your (legal) fireworks ready! It’s almost Independence Day here in the good ol’ USA. If you’re a Salesforce user, you know that every day is a day to celebrate your independence from IT and developers. Need a new Report? How about a new field? Updates to your automation? Salesforce’s “clicks-not-code” interface gives anyone with basic computer skills and an internet connection the power to become a Salesforce superhero in just a couple days! In celebration of the holiday, here are 4 great tricks for the aspiring admin.

4. Reporting on Reports:       

Did you know you can run Reports on Reports in Salesforce? If you’re trying to clean up your Reports folder or help your team identify what’s already available for them, this can be a fantastic feature. You can even see when a Report was last run. Check out this cool use case for supercharging your Report Reports!

3. Use List Views to drive prioritization:

What Lead should you call next? What Case needs your attention? Which Opportunities should you try to close today? Create a couple list views using fields like Stage, Rating, Last Activity Date, and Last Modified Date to create targeted call lists. Once they’re set, you can get a bit fancy with this intermediate level code!

2. Create a custom Follow-up Date field:

Did a client ask you to call back in a week? Do you need to give a customer time to think about your latest proposal? Create a custom Follow-up Date field on any object and use it as part of your list view criteria to weed out the people who don’t need to hear from you just yet.

1. Leverage the community for free help on anything:

Stuck on your latest customization? Can’t figure out why the cool thing you’re trying to do won’t work? Tweet #askforce or log on to the Salesforce Community forums to get free help with anything. As your skills grow, the community will go from being your source for basic how-to guides on stuff you feel too embarrassed to ask to a crew of knowledgeable developers the world over ready to help you figure out why you’re getting an error in your latest integration!

Happy 4th of July everyone!

-Jared and the Salesforce Guys